Sunday, February 5, 2012

Good News... a letter to a friend

This is from a specific email to a specific friend this week.

But it's a glimpse I wanted to share here.

((Sometimes when I think about blogging and try to sit down and share something for the sake of blogland my words come out in a voice I don't love —like the one I use when I answer the phone at work... I sound all secretary-y and fake instead of like myself. And while I know it's good & right to write with our audience in mind, I haven't really figured out how to do that quite yet... and I honestly didn't start this blog with an audience in mind, I just wanted a place to write and photo-journal, so maybe that's my first issue... Either way, for now, this is how I'll keep it real...♥))

Thanks for writing —you made my day with it!!

So proud of you, friend... His love is so big, don't forget he's got you and will never let go. He will help you make sense of it all and get to a great place. (Have you thought about joining us in Raleigh?? it's kind of the coolest place ever besides the beach!:) -the church we've been going to is so great. I hope you get to come visit at least. they preach the gospel straight up. every. time... God loves us, we rebelled. He covered us with the bloody sacrifice of his only son so that we can enjoy communion with him forever. Amen. What a story!!

This feels like the most random email-response ever, but can I 'preach' some more? I'm reading the book Heaven Is for Real and it is rocking me to my core. I feel like Jesus himself is hugging my heart saying: "It's true, Kim. You really can believe it. It's all true. Heaven is real. God is actually our Heavenly Father. See my hands and feet? I really did what you've read about. It was agonizing and gory and horrible, but it was worth it. You guys - you and jeremy and your family and friends —you are worth every agonizing second. I love you and love loving you. Keep reading, keep praying, keep walking with me. You're going to love this place. You'll see..."

I'm sure you think I'm off my rocker, but I can't contain it. ...

Maybe I still sound ridiculous or silly, but at least I sound like me... :)
Thanks for reading... 

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