Monday, March 26, 2012

Precedents in Photography study - photographer Matt Stuart

I'm copying this idea from my architecture-grad-student husband who has been using a book called Precedents in Architecture. He was actually advised by one of it's authors to keep studying architects' work [in addition to the assigned work] in order to further grow in knowledge and understanding.

I thought I'd really love to apply this same sort of precedent-study to the field of photography.

So here you have it... Using this book Photography in 100 Words, I'll be delving into one photographer's work at a time, grabbing some favorites, and maybe even trying to mimic the artist's style and photographic motivation throughout the week. 

One of the first photographers that caught my attention is Matt Stuarta street photographer from north-west London.

His work is spontaneous, clever and quite humorous.

I love the idea of looking out for photo-opps like these while I'm out & about around town. ♥♥

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