Friday, April 6, 2012

life lately...

Thoroughly enjoying the new job... This week was full of car-rider & lunch duties, tutoring, and even subbing kindergarten for an afternoon!

Every day I have come home smiling and telling stories from the day.

And everyday J has looked at me and said, "It's so nice to see you doing work you enjoy and energized after working all day."

Thankful for the truth of these sentiments and for the chance to be back to kid-centered work! 

This was a big week for my love too.
He had several design models due by Wednesday and being quite the perfectionist, his work did not disappoint.

My favorite part of these crazy busy studio days is taking pictures, bringing a meal or snacks, and keeping a little company when the work nights are particularly long. 

Wednesday we joined Fischer & his fun parents at Waffle House for some celebrating another review down and a few days off for break/catching up...

While we were there, he taught a new friend how to thumb-wrestle. :)

This week I've also been continuing my creative obsession habit on instagram (& flickr) with the photoadays... Here's a sample from April so far. :)

Looking forward to the weekend ahead. 
My heart is anticipating tonight's service, tomorrow's egg hunt serving thousands of Raleighians, and Sunday's celebration service at Memorial auditorium.
Happy Celebrating to you!

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