Monday, April 16, 2012

Street Photographer Robert Doisneau

Google just did a doodle in honor of RD's 100th birthday...

Google Doodle

Wikipedia calls him a pioneer of photojournalism.
Super cool.

some of my faves

another design-library treasure

The photographer's words from Gautrand's book:
One should take a photo only when one feels full of love for one's fellow-man.
(I like that sentiment so much.)

Life is by no means happy, but we still have humour, a sort of hiding-place in which the emotion that we feel is imprisoned.

This little study leaves me inspired each week... not necessarily to mimic the styles I'm finding (like I thought it would), but it makes me want to continue loving 'my fellow man' with my camera.

(I'd still like to mimic their styles a bit; just for the challenge and practice. Easier said than done though:)

Happy Monday!

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