Friday, July 13, 2012


Jeremy happily destroyed us in electronic Monopoly last night.
In the friendliest way possible, he led us to a slow, grueling board game death.
It was probably the most fun I've ever had losing to him.
With hotels and houses and almost all the properties, who could be too bummed about going down to such a cheerful victor!

Then this morning we got to check out some old Alford family photos.
I love when Pop brings out the magnifier.
That's when we know he means business.

And in just a little while I'm going deeper into the woods for the weekend.
Mom & Sister are off to visit the grandparents, so I'm thankfully jumping in with them. (out to where internet and cell phone signal don't reach:)

Truth be told, it's hard to leave this guy and the beach and forty-eight hours of potentially catching up with friends here, but getting away to the sticks and seeing the grands is always always worth it.

Peace friends.
Happy weekending.

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