Sunday, March 17, 2013

increasing margins [because we're not the hero]...

when the hairy grad-school-schedule is wearing us down, we increase our margins. we are worker-bees that struggle with this on a regular basis.

we want to work, we want to be productive. we want to do so much that we sometimes find ourselves with zero margins and very little left to give.

so, friday night - dinner & conversation with friends.

and saturday morning - the farmer's market.

precious downtime, how we've missed you!

...................just processing here, but you know what I think the problem is?

I think it's a little hero-complex
like @PastorTyler talks about...

He is the hero. I am the rescued one.

why do I always forget that I don't have to be the hero?

He has already saved the day.
I can rest. I can trust Him.

work is good. even working hard is good.
but when I work like it all depends on me,
something's askew in my heart.
i've forgotten who is the hero 
and who are the rescued ones. 

we get to help because we've been helped,
bless because we've been blessed,
but we don't get to save the day.
that's already been done.

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