Wednesday, April 10, 2013

you are here.

Here I am. 

This track-out (aka: 3week.spring.break) has been busy and wonderful. 

So many fun things:: 
the Gfamily visit (including fun times eating out and a great conversation with Mom), 
as well as practical things like getting the oil changed and getting my wrist/tendons looked at… while it stinks having to wear this brace, I’m so thankful for the healing that’s happening. 
Also, some extra morning hours sleeping-in, sitting outside and enjoying a little extra down time with J-man has been super sweet.

Today was one of the first days that I didn’t have a bunch of errands to run or plans made… 

I enjoyed time outside and prayed for open eyes and ears to God's love and work around me.
As I walked and prayed at the art museum, His pleasure felt tangible like the sun’s heat. I kept lifting up things like “what about this and this” and it was as if he continually responded: Daughter, you are mine. I love you more than the most loving parents. You knowing that more&more fully is what pleases me. The world will always wax and wane with favor and apathy. Keep looking to me for wisdom and strength and your peace and you will always be satisfied. 

(A-men.) ♥

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