Sunday, October 13, 2013


Sometimes to lean into prayer I write out what I think God might be saying to me in a situation.

No "God said" claim here- just some heart thoughts as I tried to listen & trust Him before Clubs in the City yesterday.
You're here because I want you here, not need you here. The weight is on me. It's always on me. I'm the hero of the story and will remain the hero. I'm not asking you to save the day or carry the whole load. I am asking you to point to me, lean on me, and allow me to be your source- of inspiration, wisdom, and joy. I would love for you be my hands and feet and voice of love to these girls. You are a light in dark places and can help create safe places of nurture and peace, of growth and positive change. I'm glad you're here. Be not afraid. Lean into me and enjoy! <3

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