Monday, October 28, 2013


As I attempted to write/blog everyday this month [on the topic of leaning in] - I ran into plenty of road blocks.

Even though most of the posts were under three sentences, it was going well for a while. And then I tracked back in at school and I'm finding it near impossible to make the time for writing. I say this with a little acceptance and a little more bummed-out-ness. (We're just going to go ahead and pretend that's a word:)

I'm not trying to write extravagantly or polish it so much that it takes a bunch of time. I'm simply aiming to be still long enough each day to let my thoughts and prayers spill out in the form of a short & sweet post.

I most like the habit of writing because, when it's a habit, things come out that wouldn't have if I hadn't taken the time to be still. Well, of course they do, but that's the dynamic that brings me back again and again.

So today is Monday, just a few days left for this prescribed writing project, and I'm going to attempt to lean in a little these last four days.

So here's to getting back on the wagon...

(Photo from this weekend. More to come.)

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