Sunday, June 28, 2015

public vs. private

No shortage of words here - just been writing them on paper and in private places lately - lovetrenches.blogspot / @lovetrenches

writing privately allows me to not strive
to really think and pray
and dig deeper for the truth and hope within me

it alleviates the people-pleaser in me
- reminds me my value is not tethered to others' thoughts or opinions of me

In the book First Things First, Stephen Covey talks about the importance of private victories before public ones - that's what I'm going for - to build these habits into my character...
"The first three habits, 1. be proactive, 2. begin with and end in mind, and 3. put the first thing first, are grouped together in a category called private victory. Private victories are personal and relate to you as an individual person." (Seven Habits, source)

"Public victories are built on the private victories of the first three habits. To be publicly successful in a deep or real way, you should first build the first three habits into your character. To try to do things another way is building on a false foundation and will bring about only short-term results." (Seven Habits, source)

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