Sunday, August 2, 2015

Bringing blogging back?

Of course I realize instagramming (+journaling - see previous post) finally smothered my blog habit, but yesterday I was looking for a particular post from so many years ago, and it made me miss the daily documenting I had going...

So, some highlights...

(left to right, row by row)

  • Looks like Sweet Girl loved her week at Look Up Lodge! Can't wait to see her face-to-face and really hear all about it!!
  • Cade with glasses!! 😍👓🎉 <--(hearteyes,glasses,partypopper:)
  • Jeremy finally relented and pushed me on the cart through Sam's club. Buying toilet paper has never been so much fun! ;)
  • Prov30 - when I don't have a reading plan in action, I default to Proverbs. Always craving more wisdom & this book never disappoints.
  • Reading & snapchat - yeah, snapchat. It's a love-hate thing:) Kayla's on there which makes me love it - & now @jessaconnolly which makes it better - and sometimes I post things too.. // Also almost finished with #DoOverbook. Realized yesterday I've been reading the same three or four authors for a few years now (Jen Hatmaker, Donald Miller, Mark Batterson & obviously Jon Acuff) - all good, definitely some of my faves, but also makes me think it's time to mix it up a bit. Started When God Comes to Church (by Raymond Ortlund) this morning - and yay it's good! Plus, refreshing to have a new voice in my reader head! (ps- this is our 'church read' at the moment too. bonus motivation.)
  • Saturday Sabbath date-days - best act of obedience ever: six days you shall labor, and do all your work, but the seventh day is a Sabbath to the LORD your God. Why in the world did we wait so long to get onboard with this one?? It's work in progress - resting. Sabbath-ing. But it is glorious and life-giving, and I pray we never go back!
  • Run-walking- still alive & well over here. Posting fewer #kimarieruns on insta, but still working to stay consistent and diligent - and the goal of 10,000 steps a day sure doesn't hurt! (Yay, Fitbit! Yay, Skleber, for passing me her old one!:)
  • Prek! - honestly didn't think I'd see another year of you. And here we are. Fully staffed (finally!!!!!:) and only six on our roster to start with!! It's been a sweet couple of days getting back into the routine. - I can't help but be a little nervous about the workload revving up / becoming unmanageable, but for now I'm thanking God for a sweet start!
  • And finally CLUBS + missions talk - loved talking about South Africa & Clubs in the City to some VBS kiddos last week. (Honestly didn't realize Miss Sheri posted this story until just now - pretty much sums up my missions talk - kinda:)! ♥

...I don't anticipate such lengthy updates to continue - but it's Sunday and the mood struck, so there you have it!♥♥

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