Sunday, November 15, 2015

Three Strands

These ladies' hearts are beautiful & inspiring! So thankful I got to meet them at Christy Wright's Business Boutique in Nashville last weekend!!

The founder, Stacy Coleman, (pictured on the left in the Founder image) is a mom by adoption, and after her son's birth-mom put him in her arms & life, she went away empty, while Stacy went away with the baby. 

The birth-mom left the hospital empty-handed via public transportation.. Stacy determined then that it wasn't okay and has founded Three Strands as a way of taking care of birth-moms!!

To top it all off- when I met them last weekend, I was saying hello at their booth & the lady running it (pictured far right in the image on the left) asked if I had any personal connection with adoption - I casually said, "mmm, only through friends who have adopted..." Then my eyes filled completely with tears and I almost choked & said - "Wait - I wasn't thinking! - My sister is adopted from within our family!"

I don't always think of her birth-mom, but I bet she always thinks of Kayla. 

Jesus, do what you alone can do - restore us and let us be restorers with you! 

(Thanks for reading - Especially if adoption is near to you too, check out how this awesome group is committed to serving birth-moms!)

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