Monday, February 2, 2009

daddy's girl..

came across this poem a while back.. wanted to share it here...

a poem for my father


I miss you
and you’re not even gone
Our conversation sticks to my insides
like sap on a tree
and I am forever changed
by it’s slow progression

I find myself gasping for air
much like you
for secrets like these
are a slow death
that never reach the waters surface
and never get the air they need

I would give you my breath
if it would save you
for I have clung to your legs
more than I should have
your fragile little girl
never too far from home

In my memory
I see a figure
whose hands never failed me
whose love never capsized
when the waters submerged my body

and now, in your memory
you will see a figure
whose body will walk beside you
whose love will never leave you
and I will do all that I can
to find the breath that you need

dad's having the stint surgery tomorrow.. many have been praying.. it's been hard to see him hurt and suffer these last few weeks. he's still working and doing his thing, but with much less energy and fervor than before..

his concern and anger at the threat of death has been agonizing for us all.. was great to see the hope in his eyes and hear it in his voice when we first received the news that this doctor would operate.. i look forward to seeing him regain his strength, energy, and fervor for work and life!

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