Monday, November 8, 2010

water reflections...

Jeremy and I got to go on a high school youth group retreat this weekend... Our good friend Dave invited J. to be the guest worship leader for the weekend, and let me just say it was special; totally refreshing and inspiring and all around wonderful!! --most retreats usually are wonderful and refreshing, I guess, and this one did not disappoint!:)

So, one of my favorite parts...

Saturday while I was taking in the awesome view at Longridge, I noticed the reflecting clouds and trees on the water... wow.

We see water-reflections all the time; we know it happens; it's a fact of nature. We even know it's pretty.

But I couldn't help but think: Couldn't God have just made water, land, trees, etc. just plain useful and purposeful?!

Of course, but He didn't...

He went and added Beauty!

He made water glassy and let it reflect the trees and heavens and our faces...

Just because He's good!? 
Just for fun so we could enjoy it all the more!?

Or maybe so we'd see the abundance and unnecessarily wonderful beauty of it all and let it point us to a Creator that must be Good to paint the surrounding landscape on the water just for our pleasure!

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