Sunday, January 23, 2011

sunday night thoughts... (aka: weekend recap)

thankful for these days...

I kind of have a head full and would just like to unload a little...

*took some pics for the Photography class today. awesome. loved it more than I imagined. even froze my fingers and nose off just to keep shooting outside for a while. (my goal/assignment was 12 items two different ways.) I made it to 6 items plus a few excursion photo shoots of the cat, sunset, and then the fridge... yep, even the fridge captivated me for a bit! ...enjoyed it though. big time. here's a pic from the teacher's page... i spent some time checking out the site and photo portfolios tonight. some really great work. particularly liked this one though.

wedding album

*got to spend a little downtime (taco soup & football) downstairs with the fam tonight. nice to get to hang with them so much. love that they invite us to eat so often. [for a while I was feeling pretty slack cooking so little, but I've since embraced it and decided to just enjoy theses moments!] ♥

*visited christ community church this morning. in honor of their first anniversary, freedom readers' founder Tracy Bailey was given the full service time to celebrate, inspire, and challenge us all to live an impactful life. it was awesome. she told the story of ezekiel and the dry bones. mmmm. definitely inspired... and just in time. 5 weekdays off in a row. welcome, dream-time... (my prayers for this week: vision, courage, ACTION, wisdom, & sweet continued guidance.)

*Jeremy played at fresh brewed last night.. with Doug. also awesome. they did a sweet little worship set. loved every minute of it. 

(camera-phone pic:)

*In the spirit of the weekend recap: Friday night we enjoyed another a Redbox movie date night-- Wall Streetnot that great. except the couch-time part; always my favorite! the movie was all right really, just not what we expected.

*I've got some blog ideas that will hopefully develop soon.... a flashlight story, one inspired by claire's water blog post What Breaks Your Heart?, and another one inspired by this sweet author/blogger ann voskamp.

that's all for now. sleep time. yay.
happy dreaming! ♥

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