Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Saturday evening I got up to fix Jeremy & I a little meal, 

but by my third slice of chicken,

I slipped & cut into my flesh...

Jeremy came to the rescue and was working on a making me a bandage while we discussed going to the emergency room.

I proceeded to get woosy, 

pass out, 

and almost lose my lunch.

We decided the ER was the place to go...

getting numb for a stitch.

Since I weeped through the bandage-removal, the doctor was nice enough to numb my finger with a liquid rather than three shots. (kinda thankful for those tears now.)

all better-ish

After one stitch, they wrapped me up with a band-aid and finally sent us home around 10:30pm.

We took the next day off from everything...

laying low Sunday morning

Then my parents invited us down for hamburgers, and when I told Dad about my thumb-wound, he showed me his chainsaw-wound.


Thankfully it just clipped his kneecap..


I guess I get it honest... I certainly won't be playing with any chainsaws any time soon!!

Wanna see my little stich?

Gross, I know... Thankfully I didn't damage a tendon or anything serious.

The tetanus shot was definitely the worst part.. It made me all sore and achy-all-over :( ..BUT I feel tons better today! :)

Nice update after two weeks of quiet, eh?

Hopefully the next will be sooner and happier! :)

Happy Tuesday!
Hope all is well with you!! ♥

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