Saturday, February 19, 2011


Sitting still does not come naturally for me.

Never has really.

A few things that really help this still-challenged girl are:
  • earbuds
  • a good read
  • a journal
  • and a stay-still-expert-husband :)

The good read that's been my aid lately: 

Max Lucado's Out Live Your Life

Three word review: 



(mostly because it's packed with scripture!)

A favorite part (not to mention chapters 4 & 5 in their entirety)...

[God] loves all people groups and equips us to be His voice.
He commissions common Galileans, Nebraskans, Brazilians, and Koreans to speak the languages of the peoples of the world. 
He teaches us the vocabulary of distant lands, the dialect of the discouraged neighbor, the vernacular of the lonely heart, and the idiom of the young student. 
God outfits His followers to cross cultures and touch hearts. 
Pentecost makes this promise: If you are in Christ, God's spirit will speak through you.

If you were to take my recommendation (and Claire's & Donald Miller's) and go for this read, I would also recommend reading Acts first -or at least along with it.)

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