Saturday, April 2, 2011

1% change #2: Bible before blogging...

First of all, in case you were wondering.. 1% change #1 [Walk-time] is going very, very well.. :)

Here's a recap of my 4/5 days worth of walks:

Day 1: cold & rainy- but I was ready...

...and the walk-prayer-time was sweet!

Day 2: Sunny & tender as I rested in the fact that I could keep coming to Him & pouring out my heart to Him! (Seriously refreshing!!)

Day 3: short & sweet.. I seriously had like 8 minutes this day, but I seized them!! And what a reprieve it was from the busyness of the workday!

Day 4: Although the sky threatened a rain-storm, I went for it.. My cry this day had to do with asking the right questions.. (Jill, didn't we just have a conversation about that?! -I think we did because as I walked and thought & prayed, my spirit wrestled to hear what pleased His heart most and what questions would bring about the right/best fruits in my life!!)

Sooo, onto my 1% change #2... Bible Before Blogging!

Clearly, I don't actually blog that often (but I do like to read them often --esp first thing in the morning!)

So this is my metaphor where 'blogging' represents every distracting whim I could pursue (i.e. Blog-reading, Instagram, iPhonography, email, Twitter, cleaning up [as a form of procrastination], reading other books, & even my incessant journaling...)

Essentially the goal here is: Bible First (& Most).

I don't need/want to be able to say I read it all in a year, but I would like to say I read it consistently & more than other material...

This book is just too important to be neglecting or reading flippantly throughout the week.

So now you know.. And I surely wouldn't despise your accountability should you offer it!! :)

What's your 1% change gonna be!?
If you blog it, do link back w/ Naptime Diaries' week 2! ♥ ♥

PS- I have finished Acts and jumped into Romans this morning.. Maybe I should be asking you to pray vs. hold me acctable!;)

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