Tuesday, June 7, 2011

transitions on my mind...

(basement apt. reserved for us in Raleigh)

What's on my heart really...
Raleigh... moving... clearing the clutter [simplifying before moving]... and enjoying the days/time we have left....

This apt-above-the-garage [where we currently live] has been my abode since college graduation: 10. years. ago. ((How did that many years go by already!?? They've been full and wonderful, almost every one, but ten!? really!?))

And so, as this part of our story comes to a close, we have a whole new chapter ready to be written.

I'm anticipating and welcoming The Raleigh Chapter, but of course I'm a little nervous-excited too.

(Jeremy helping with worship during our last visit. And I got to help with the song-projection!:)

My hopes and dreams for our life ahead:
continued unity in marriage
growth: spiritual & personal
meaningful, fruitful work
Joy & constant thanksgiving
(like Ann V. talks about in her book that I'm loving)

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