Saturday, October 1, 2011

Challenge to be Thankful...

In June I read One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp...

You may or may not remember me going on about the wonderfulness of this read...

So, during that time, I
-started this wonderful[ly messy] gratitude journal
-made it to 500!!
-felt a milestone had been reached
-and [amidst the move & transition of life in August] I lost the journal... :|
(For now anyway... I still have hope it will turn up... deep in the bottom of a bag, in the car... somewhere... and if it doesn't, I have it's twin on standby:)

Well, Marie has inspired me to uncover this lost treasure and get going again... Every day in October is the challenge...

at least one thing you're thankful for

-write it down
-facebook it
-tweet it
-blog it
whatever you do...

Want to join us??

Since it's already October first, I'll go first...

My first thankfulness is going to be you
...blogland... encouragers.... friends...

I'm thankful for this space 
and you who tarry here 
and comment/text/call 
with your encouragements... 
thanks for all the love! 

Pray you're blessed this day!

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