Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Running home: Labor Day weekend....

Sooo great to get to run home on a whim this weekend!!!

We had so much fun catching up with family, little ones, extended family... Every time we get to make the trip we appreciate the closeness to all our favorite faces and places!!

Monday while we were home, just before heading back to raleigh, my dad had a crazy dizzy/heart-attack spell. Crazy. Scary. Not good.

What was good was being there. Helping mom. Transporting Kayla. Hugging and kissing them. Praying and trusting in a God who's so much bigger than our failing bodies and ability to do little more than pray and ask for more and more life. 

Ann Voskamp taught me the art of thanking God for the ugly-beautiful. The hard stuff. The stuff I don't want to thank him for or trust him with. That's where we are.

Our bodies are failing. Our spiritual selves often a wreck too.
Both are dead without the His life-giving Spirit.
And so we rest in Him...

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