Thursday, January 16, 2014

November favorites

Obviously keeping up with the blog hasn't been top on the priority list this year- BUT documenting and celebrating the moments is still up there-

So how about a November recap!

Top 13 in no particular order::

1- traveling home to MB for a super-quick Thanksgiving visit. Love car-time with that guy!
2- Making Things Happen Conference on the radar and a prayer in my heart
3- Thanksgiving Day at Grandma Cook's. Traditionally JK picture day. This was our 8th Thanksgiving together.
My my, time does fly! 
4- Braving the crowd at Target with Mom & Kayla Thanksgiving night.
5- Our own little family photo shoot <3
6- Nephew time! They'll be 6 & 1 at the beginning of this year. Such joys!
7- Sparkles, my love, in her favorite spot under the tree. :)
8- Thanksgiving time with cousin Haylee. She's getting so big!
9- Clubs in the City time has been a highlight of the year. Our girls are tough and wild and sweet, and they bless me more than they know!
10- Kayla time. I don't mean to be blatantly partial, but spending time with her makes it for me.
Watching her grow and blossom is the best ever. 
11- Long View Center fundraising. Our church has since closed on the purchase of the Long View Center. In two short months we raised $400,000. It was awe-inspiring. Different groups in the church took on different projects, like making & selling earrings (which accumulated over $2,000 toward the project!). Our group had a $1000 yard sale. I've known some decent yard sales over the years, but this blew me away. There's no question in my mind that Vintage Church loves the city of Raleigh. It was never about a building, but about gaining leverage for better loving the city!
12- Jeremy displaying his work for Mom & Pop <3
13- Missy, the pup. What a crazy, sweet girl! :)

In going through my phone pics from the month, I had so many from school too. As I sit here on the last day of track-out I am reminded and encouraged at the joy I have in working with these little ones. The days are long and consistently hard, but oh-so-worth it. So thankful for another shot at enjoying teaching.♥

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