Sunday, August 9, 2015

four years in Raleigh (via instagram:)

I was off Facebook these days, and was really over-gramming it. Kinda glad for that now.

Four years ago we packed up our little one-year-married-MyrtleBeach life and moved to Raleigh, NC.

I quickly started working at Barnes & Noble Cafe and Burnie Batchelor's while we both adjusted to Jeremy's new grad school, studio life & schedule!

Quite the adventure it's been since then. Truly not a day goes by that we don't miss our family, friends, and beach back home, but it's amazing to see all the change and growth from then to now.

(only the three bold links go actual places; the rest are just 4-yr-old Instas:)
  • Our people were little!!! Cade was just a month old when we moved, and Kayla was eight, starting third grade!!! 
  • I hadn't heard of Wilburn (my school) or Temple Grandin or PeiWei, but they all soon crept into my heart and life and have made a lasting impact; even PeiWei
Now I'm teaching PreK + autism and J is working at CUBE Design + Research, and we're getting to visit Myrtle more often now that the grad school craziness is behind us.

It's a good life. Better than either of us deserve, that's for sure. Here's to the next four - forty years, & whatever they may bring... ♥

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