Wednesday, October 30, 2013


this year with clubs in the city, I’m a co-leader with our new communications club. we’re calling it Photography & Writing. perfect.

the best part this week was how they bore their hearts through writing. two of our girls really let loose and journaled what was going on in their hearts and lives. that’s it. that is the whole point.

It was an honor to listen to their precious words about what they fear and how they lean into and rely on God. One shared her heart about being kind to her family and loving even those that are unkind. We didn’t tell her to write that-

we asked-
  • who/what defines you? 
  • do you listen to what the world says or what God says? 
  • how does that overflow to others? 
  • will you tear others down or can/will you encourage them to listen to what God says is true about them too?

their sweet, honest responses blew me away and put the challenge back on me. who’s words or labels am I listening to and believing?

how does that affect the way I speak to or encourage others?

May we be reminded we are loved and cherished. we have great purpose and value. we don’t have to be defined by our peers or even ourselves, but we can let the one who made us call us good.

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